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Gorman's Restaurant

In Lake Elmo

With our beefed-up burgers and shakes so BIG and BAD, you'll be COMING BACK for more.... this is GOOD MOOD FOOD for the whole family.

Gorman's Restaurant was started in 1980, by Ed and Kathy Gorman.  They originally bought the little barn like building as the White Hat Restaurant.  After 20 years, 2 restaurants and raising 3 kids, they decided to change the name to Gorman's Restaurant.  Ed and Kathy are still active in the Restaurant today!  They have celebrated 52 years of marriage and have 5 beautiful grandchildren!  

 Today Gorman's Restaurant in Lake Elmo has become more than just a restaurant!  The walls are covered in pictures, dating back to the 1800’s.  All of the pictures are framed in original barn windows from town.  The Deer and Mansuer corn planter from the late 1800’s in the dining room is just one of the many historic pieces the Gormans have collect over the last 38 years!! 

Come in and check it out!  You will not be disappointed!  

September 17, 2017


A successful business 


What is it?  What does it look like?  Is it a fancy and expensive? Is it cheap and a dive?   Does it have table cloths and chair covers,  did you hear about it on TV or have a coupon?   Well let me tell you what I have learned it to be…..


This Morning I came in as any other Sunday, but today I did not see all the same familiar faces, yes I saw some, but I also saw a lot of news ones, old and young ones, couples, friends, families, and all day long as I checked people out, everyone was happy! I hear… “I just love the food here” “How are you today?” “The service was excellent”  “ You have a great staff” “It’s like good homemade fresh food”


So in a nut shell, this to me is a successful business, happy people, happy staff, and a restaurant full of laughter and conversations 



We have our days, yes, don’t get me wrong, where someone calls because you didn’t put syrup in their box for the French toast when they got home, and where no one seems to be happy and the food takes forever….. and the waitress’  are crying…  Every place has those days and to recognize that is part of being a successful business.


Behind this mastermind….. My Dad!  This is a man who has worked tirelessly with my amazing and understanding mother by his side!  The two of them have taught my brothers and I more than we could ever really explain to any of you!  We all work tirelessly, why?  Because this is what you have to do to be a success  You have to take charge and work day to day- not tjust the good days but the bad days too… working though those – that’s what teaches you


As I sit here and write this—a waitress came to me and said “My table!!” “ THEY LOVE IT HERE” This is going to be their new place to eat ( they were just here yesterday and said this is everything they expected and thank you!!!”)  Another as I sit and listen to the family that just walked in a mom and 2 kids, she was meeting her parents… she says to her dad… “as we parked ‘(the small child)’ said we are so lucky to be here, this is the best place ever and her little brother said what? I get to come here?  I love it!  


The smiles the friends that have turned into family- I love you- We love you!  Thank you, thank you for spreading the word and inviting your friends and telling your family to check us out!  

MainMenu10x15 2020-01.jpg

If you are looking for a job:  Please apply within!  Talk to Ed or Kevin.

If you are looking for reservations for a large group, please call the restaurant or email through the website!


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